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IKEA Industrys’s primary task is to ensure production capacity for IKEA. This is accomplished by establishing and operating sawmills, component and furniture production units strategically located relative markets and/or raw materials supply. IKEA Industry has more than 33 production units and offices in 10 countries in three continents


IKEA stands for long-term sustainability together with high quality and production efficiency. Stringent quality standards and high production capacity utilization call for production facilities which are totally reliable and stable. To be cost efficient at high volumes IKEA invests in high performance factory automation.


Mindsource started to cooperate with IKEA in 2006 and have since then deliverd ten manufacturing lines to various plants.


”Our intention is to grow our cooperation further and to be seen as an long-term innovative partner in the development of smart production solutions for the future” says Thomas Jonsson Technical Manager at Mindsource.

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