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The Trend is turning
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The Trend is turning

To locate production abroad is not as attractive anymore. - In the future we will see a move from low to high-cost countries such as Sweden, predicts Tomas Karlsson, CEO at Mercon.


There are many reasons why countries like Sweden again seem attractive for production-intensive companies. Shipping costs have increased, due in part to an increased environmental responsibility. A well-functioning society with educated people and good infrastructure provide many production-related benefits.

Another important reason for the home turning trend is that many companies automate their production so that it no longer is as labor-intensive.
I definitely think I see a trend reversal. More companies choose to move home and fewer are interested in moving away, comments Thomas Karlsson, CEO for the Mercon Company which sells consulting services in production development as well as manufactures automation systems for the industry.
The global consulting company McKenzie Consulting makes the same analysis in a report.

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