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Lean is most profitable
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Lean is most profitable

Lean is the improvement model that provides the highest results according to a study done by Cordial Business Advisors.


According to a new study, Lean is the most effective improvement model. The method, which was designed for the manufacturing industry also work best for the service industry.

According to Lean 2008 study conducted by Cordial Business Advisors, Lean is the most profitable improvement method with the most satisfied customers.
79 percent of the companies using the Japanese method see concrete improvements in the business thanks to Lean, compared with 49 percent using other methodology.

Both management and employees demonstrate greater commitment when using Lean. It gives the company a better chance of success in the improvement efforts.
Close follow up in the reform process and the quest for continuous improvement in all areas of the organization, are examples of how Lean works in practice.
The results indicate that the method is gaining ground, in that a number of companies plan to introduce the method in its future operations.

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